Assisted Living


Need Help Downsizing? 

For many seniors downsizing out of the family home represents a highly emotional and physically overwhelming task.  

Adult children in the sandwich generation, who are managing a home, careers, and their own children’s activities, can find it very challenging convincing their aging paretns that it is time to downsize not to mention the task of actually getting it done.

Whether you are a senior or the adult child of a senior that needs help downsizing we can help every single step of the way. 

Everyone on our team has been selected because of their ability to do their job in a professional and empathetic manner. Everyone on our team understands how difficult this transition can be for the entire family.

We can offer any or all of the following pre moving services: 

  1. An initial no cost home visit allowing everyone to meet that will be involved in the downsizing process and to discuss options and listen to everyone’s concerns.
  2. Together we will determine your best approach and timeline for downsizing. .
  3. Together we will create and review a personalized step by step downsizing plan.  

To implement the plan we can provide any of the following services. 

  1. Take you on a tour of the various assited living homes to experience their meal quality, amenties, living conditions and fees.
  2. Come into your home to help organize the disposition of excess belongings through sales, donation and recycling.
  3. Coordinating any minor repairs, junk removal, garden clean up or updates that may help in improving with the sale of the home.
  4. List and implement a proven marketing plan to sell the home.
  5. After the sale, we can help with packing important belongings and will arrange for movers.  
  6. We will notify your change of address for banking, utilities and other services.
  7. We can also help store old photos and home videos on to a CD for long term storage.
  8. Be there on the day of the move for practical and emotional support.

If you need help moving out of your family home into an assisted living home, we are here to help in a caring and respectful way.